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    The original model for the App Store was to profit off of paid apps

    August 17, 2020

    The App Store may have started out small, but today, it makes Apple a staggering amount of money. In 2019 alone, Apple’s percentage taken on digital content sold through the App Store accounted for an estimated $18.3 billion, or nearly 40 percent of Apple’s total service revenue. (To reach that number, Apple says that $61 billion of digital content was sold through the App Store in 2019, of which it took an estimated $18.3 billion cut, compared to the $46.3 billion Apple reported in services revenue on its collected 2019 quarterly earnings.)

    An overwhelming amount of that $18.3 billion comes from in-app purchases in free-to-play games like Fortnite v bucks generatorCandy Crush, and Pokémon Go alongwith subscription apps like Tinder, Disney Plus, Twitch, and YouTube. As of today, SensorTower notes that of the 200 top-grossing iPhone apps, only one (Minecraft) costs money upfront. And Apple needs those payments to flow through the App Store specifically so it can collect on those purchases and subscriptions.

    That might seem like a strange business for a company that built its name on making hardware customers pay for quality, but Apple wasn’t always this reliant on App Store revenue. Back when Apple first announced the App Store in 2008, it announced that developers get 70 percent of whatever they sell, and Apple gets to keep 30 percent for “upkeep,” as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs referred to it onstage. Jobs would go on to claim at the time that “we don’t expect this to be a big profit generator.”

    The original model for the App Store was to profit off of paid apps, while free apps would serve as the gateway point to drive customers toward spending more money. The best example of this plan came when Apple first added support for in-app purchases in June 2009. At the time, it was only limited to paid apps looking to add additional content, and with limits on subscription models. “Free apps remain free,” boasted Apple’s then-mobile software head Scott Forstall at the announcement.APPLE WASN’T ALWAYS THIS RELIANT ON APP STORE REVENUE


    The water levels from the Season 2 flood fell once again

    August 2, 2020

    The water levels from the Season 2 flood fell once again, revealing not only the new Coral Castle (Atlantis) Named Location, but a mysterious ancient spaceship on a small patch of sand north of Craggy Cliffs.

    The ship is referred to in-game as the Ancient Ship, and inside you’ll notice its alien passenger. It seems obvious that Fortnite is picking up the threads of an old storyline—one about Travelers and Rockets and Rifts, oh my.

    In any case, finding this spaceship will activate a new challenge with a number of steps that are all very easy to complete. Here are the steps:

    • Find Ancient Ship (1)
    • Collect Missing Parts (3)
    • Install Missing Parts (3)
    • Start Launch Sequence (1)
    • Launch the Ship (1)
    • Launch Successful (1)

    Finding the ancient ship kicks off the rest of these challenges. Then you’ll need to find the three missing parts—a Heat Shield, Thruster and Battery Pack—install them on the broken-down ship and set its launch sequence.Recommended For You

    Once you do, the ship will rise into the air and a timer will appear above it like so:

    Fortnite Ancient Ship challenge event
    The ship begins its launch sequence. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

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    Once that timer goes all the way vbucks generator down the ship launches, though when I experienced this it didn’t so much launch as suddenly shoot me through a rift into the sky. The ship was simply gone. Rifts lined the little island around us, which you could jump through to propel yourself into the air.

    In any case, here are the locations of the three missing parts:

    Ancient Ship Missing Parts Fortnite
    The Ancient Ship’s missing parts. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    The ship itself is on the island where the little white marker is. The three missing parts are spread out in close proximity.

    The Battery Pack is just east of the ship in the water by some rocks which I broke but I’m not sure you have to break:

    Battery Pack Fortnite
    Battery Pack location CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    The Battery Pack is installed on the right/top-side of the ship.

    The Thruster is across the bay on the side of a cliff:

    Thruster Fortnite
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    This is the hardest to reach missing part but the easiest to spot, as it’s seen glowing from a distance. Just build up to it to retrieve the part and then head back to the Ancient Ship to install it in one of the ship’s wings.

    The Heat Shield can be found in the sandy peninsula at the end of the cliffs where you found the Thruster. It’s also by/beneath some rocks which I broke. Like the Battery Pack you’ll likely hear this part humming before you spot it.

    Heat Shield Fortnite
    Heat Shield location CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    You’ll install this bad boy right next to where you installed the Battery Pack. Once you’re done with all three you’ll be prompted to launch the ship. Do so and the whole challenge event will begin and once that’s all over and done with you get 25,000XP and a sense of accomplishment.

    Two important notes on this challenge: First and foremost, you can complete it in the Battle Lab, making it way easier than if you had to contend with enemy players, though I’m not sure how hot this area will be given that this is a secret challenge.

    Second, I was surprised to learn that this challenge is completed as a team. So you and your squad can quickly grab up and install these parts without each of you having to find each one. This makes it even quicker and easier.

    And that’s that, folks. Here’s a video of my son and I completing the challenge within Battle Lab. I think I picked the perfect skin for the occasion.