December 2, 2020

    We finally have a new season of Fortnite. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 starts today and is scheduled to end on March 15th. As with all new Fortnite seasons, there’;s a bunch of information to digest.

    According to leaks, we have optional bounty contracts to complete, a bunch of MPCs roaming around the map, brand new weaponsnew skins, new locations including the return of Titled Towers as Salty Towers, and more.

    With the launch of every new Fortnite season, there’s new items and weapons that get added as well as weapons and items that get vaulted and unvaulted in order to shake up the meta and keep things fresh.

    Fortnite season 5 is no different and not only do we have a brand new shotgun and sniper rifle, we also have numerous weapons being vaulted in today’s v15.00 season 5 update. Let’s take a look at the list of vaulted weapons in Fortnite season 5.RELATED:  New Fortnite Update Today: V15.00 Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes, time and server downtime

    Fortnite Season 5 Weapons
    Fortnite Season 5 Weapons


    A large number of players won’t be too happy that the legendary and epic pump shotgun has been vaulted. We’ve seen so many changes to the pump shotgun over the lifespan of the game as well as it being vaulted and unvaulted previously.FREE EMOTE: Win a Free Bhangra Boogie Emote Fortnite Code HERE

    Pump shotgun fortnite
    Pump shotgun fortnite

    However, with the new Dragons Breath Shotgun getting added to the game, it makes sense to send this to the vault, especially if the new shotgun is a powerful meta changing weapon like the pump shotgun.

    Here’s the list of the vaulted weapons in Fortnite:

    • Revolver
    • Fire Trap
    • Scoped Assault Rifle
    • Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun
    • Legendary Combat Shotgun
    • Scar (Legendary/Epic AR)
    • Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
    • Epic/Legendary Tac SMG
    • Rare LMG

    This is data-mined information which could be different to the game. As soon as the servers are free v bucks codes back up after scheduled maintenance, we’ll be sure to update this with any changes.

    It’s also important to notce that with the addition of NPCs to the Fortnite map, there’s a chance you can actually get the above weapons from the new NPCs, but this is yet to be confirmed.


    The Charge Shotgun was added in the v13.00 update and was adjusted with the launch of season 4. However, in the v14.40 update, Epic decided it was best to vault the weapon. As of the v15.00 update, the Charge Shotgun has been unvaulted.

    Charge Shotgun Fortnite
    Charge Shotgun Fortnite

    Along with the charge shotgun being unvaulted, there are other weapons that have also been readded to the meta which can be seen below:

    • Tac Shotgun
    • Charge Shotgun
    • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • P90
    • SMGs
    • Heavy Assault Rife

    Again, we’ll be updating this list and confirming what has been vaulted in Fortnite chapter 2 season 5. Be sure to check back when the servers are up.


    Epic isn’t saying whether the feature is coming to other games

    November 18, 2020

    you’ll be able to see your friends while you play Fortnite together online. Epic is adding a new video chat feature to the battle royale game, where players can see livefeeds of their friends inside the game. It’s launching today, though initially, the feature will only be available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

    The feature is powered by Houseparty, a chat app that Epic acquired last year. (Houseparty has powered Fortnite’s cross-platform voice chat since last September.) In order to utilize it, you’ll need to link your Epic and Houseparty accounts; after that’s done, you can enable a “Fortnite v bucks generator mode” in the app. When this happens, you can create a party of friends, and their livefeeds will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen as you play the game. You can create a party of up to 10 people in the app, though only four will appear in Fortnite . (The most recently active will be displayed.)

    This means you’ll need a few pieces of hardware to make things work. In addition to a PC or PlayStation for the game itself, you’ll also need to have Houseparty running on an iOS or Android device to serve as your camera. It may sound a bit clunky, but Epic says Houseparty users are already doing it, and this is simply an attempt to streamline the process.

    In a nice touch, the Houseparty app will only display your face; the camera will automatically snap to your face (Epic says it uses face detection libraries from Apple and Google to power this) and replace everything else with a colorful background. If your face moves off camera, the feed won’t show anything but your background. This was done in part for safety reasons but also to keep things focused.

    The update makes a lot of sense considering Fortnite’s steady shift from third-person shooter to full-on social space. Over the past year, Epic has expanded the game far beyond its battle royale origins with a violence-free social space called Party Royale and a steady stream of increasingly elaborate in-game concerts.

    Epic isn’t saying whether the feature is coming to other games, nor when it’ll be available in Fortnite on other platforms.


    while most Roblox games are suitable for all ages

    November 10, 2020

    Roblox is free but there are ways to spend money in the game through what are called “Robux,” which cost real money and can be used to purchase games, avatars, clothing and other items that can enhance game playing. Game developers can accept Robux and turn them in for real money. Roblox also offers a Premium feature, starting at $4.99 a month that includes a monthly allotment of Robux along with other perks.

    Roblox games can be played on all modern smartphones, tablets, computers and Xbox One, along with the Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets.

    Unlike most social media platforms, kids don’t have to be 13 or older to use Roblox, and it’s very popular among preteens. Like social media platforms, there is the possibility for players to interact via chat, which is why Roblox limits and filters chat for players under 13 and allows parents to turn off that feature entirely. And, while most Roblox games are suitable for all ages, some have content that could be scary or otherwise inappropriate for young children. And, as you might imagine from a platform that allows users to interact with others or create their own games, there is the risk that some developers and users will try to game the system with content that’s not appropriate or that some will use the chat feature in inappropriate ways.

    Roblox does have human moderators and software tools to block inappropriate content, including improperly clothed avatars, sexual content of any kind, potential bullying, and even disclosure of private information like phone numbers and addresses, but no system is perfect and there is always the risk that robux generator something might slip through. Roblox has tightened up its security and safety rules for developers, but there may still be some older games that don’t meet current standards.

    Start with a conversation

    I’ll get into some technical ways parents can control their child’s privacy and access to content, but — as with all parental controls — the most important filter remains the one between the child’s ears and not the one that runs on a device. Start by having a conversation with your child about how they are protecting their privacy and security as well as making sure they are treating others kindly and avoiding people who are mean to them. The chat feature can enhance gameplay, especially when it comes to strategizing with teammates, but children should be warned to avoid any conversations that make them uncomfortable and know how to block and report anyone who says something inappropriate.

    Sexual predation is rare on Roblox, but it has happened, so it’s important to speak with your children about online grooming including accepting gifts such as Robux or moving conversations to other platforms that may have fewer restrictions than Roblox. Of course, this goes for interactions between children and adults, but there can also be cases of sexual contact or harassment from peers.

    In a blog post, CEO David Baszucki acknowledged “there will always be individuals who deliberately try to break our rules.”  Baszucki said that Roblox has “a team of 1,600 protecting our users and monitoring for safety to detect inappropriate content 24/7” and they “take swift action (typically within minutes) to address any content or any developer that violates our terms of use.”

    In addition to helping kids better use Roblox, conversations with kids can apply to all digital content and — for that matter — serve as a basis for critical thinking that can last a lifetime, whether it’s how you act online or how you respond to other temptations and threats and how your child will later make important decisions on dates, in cars, when offered potentially dangerous or unhealthy substances, when shopping and even when voting.


    It’s not the Biden campaign’s first foray into the video game realm

    November 1, 2020

    With just a few days to go before the November 3rd presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has launched a new custom map in Fortnite. First reported by Mashable, the “Build Back Better with Biden” map is located in “Reboot City,” and is aimed at promoting the campaign’s message that the environment and economy are connected. The solo-player, adventure-type map takes about 20 to 30 minutes to play, and made its debut Friday night.

    “Our digital program is built around how people spend time, and the most effective ways reach them in those places,” Christian Tom, the Biden campaign’s director of digital partnerships said in a statement to The Verge. “We see interactive, digital-first experiences like gaming as an opportunity to bring our campaign to a new place and platform.”

    The custom Fortnite map is a “substantive, approachable, and fun way to reach and mobilize voters,” Tom added. Signs around the map encourage players to visit makeaplan.com, and players can text “Fortnite” to 30330 to learn how to early-vote in person, drop off a ballot, or vote on Election Day.

    The Biden Fortnite map encourages you to vote

    It’s not the Biden campaign’s first foray into the video game realm. Earlier this month, the campaign launched a virtual Biden field office for voters to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons“an entire island on the platform where supporters can further connect with the campaign.” And in September, the campaign introduced Biden-Harris yard signs in ACNH.

    In the Fortnite map, after players arrive via train at No Malarkey Station, there are six challenges related to the Biden-Harris agenda for players to complete, the campaign told The Verge:

    • Help Build a New Research Facility at Champ’s Construction site: “Build a new research facility at the local historically Black college. Build to the top v bucks generator, and stay inside the blueprints.”
    • Install 3 Scranton Towers: “Help install these new 5G Broadband towers to ensure every American has access to broadband,” with a shoutout to Biden’s birthplace of Scranton, Pennsylvania.
    • Restore The Aviator River: “Race to collect industrial waste and restore the river. This challenge highlights Biden’s plan to mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers through a Civilian Climate Corps.”
    • Visit Joe’s Famous Ice Cream Shop: “slide down the colors (flavors) to get as much ice cream as you can.”
    • Help make Major’s Auto Factory Run Clean: “They modified the line to produce electric cars and are now retrofitting the offices before reopening. Install new high efficiency AC units and unwrap the solar panels on the roof.”
    • Complete Kamala’s Sneaker Run: “Find all 10 of Kamala’s sneakers around the city.” Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is known for sporting Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers as part of her standard wardrobe.

    Biden’s dogs Champ and Major both have homes in Reboot City, and there are also a number of Easter eggs in the map, including a boogie bomb, a flashlight, “chiller grenade,” and a boom box.

    The code to access the Biden Build Back Better map is 0215-4511-1823.

    Despite developer Epic Games’ ongoing legal battle with Apple, Fortnite has shown it can draw big numbers. As of May, Epic said the game had 350 million registered players. In April, a Travis Scott concert in Fortnite drew 12.3 million concurrent players, which Epic claimed was “an all-time record” for the battle royale game.


    What will Fortnite season 5’s theme be?

    October 30, 2020

    Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is almost upon us, and soon enough it’ll be time to say goodbye to season 4’s army of Marvel superheroes and Fortnitemares. Epic hasn’t released any official details yet, but as with every new season, you can expect plenty of season 5 leaks, teasers, and tidbits to dig through.

    Season 4 brought about tons of Marvel heroes, superpower abilities to collect that could change the tide of a fight, and at least one dramatic change to the map. We’re now v buck generator enjoying Fortnitemares new ghost-hunting mode and a wealth of spooky cosmetics. Season 5 will have its work cut out for it if it wants to make as big an impression. What do we think season 5 has in store?

    We’ve whipped up this guide and tossed in everything we know about the season 5 start date, battle pass, map changes, event, and much more.

    When does Fortnite Chapter 2 season 5 start?

    Epic hasn’t announced any official date for Fortnite season 5, but judging from the date the season 4 battle pass becomes defunct, we can make some educated guesses. The season 4 battle pass menu says that season 4 will run through November 30, meaning season 5 will start on November 30 as well, or shortly thereafter. Some past seasons have had short breaks between seasons—at most two days—but generally they start very shortly after the close of the final day.

    fortnite season 5
    (Image credit: Epic Games)

    What will Fortnite season 5’s theme be?

    The Fortnite season 5 battle pass will obviously be a huge focus of anyone excited for what comes next. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many clear details about what will be in it.

    Judging from past seasons, you can rest easy knowing it will most likely cost the usual 950 V-bucks for the basic battle pass, or 2,800 V-bucks for the deluxe battle bundle.

    Keep in mind that Epic lowered the cost of V-bucks some months ago. Instead of paying $9.99 for 1,000 V-bucks, it’ll only cost you $7.99. Keep in mind that the season 5 battle pass will (most likely) include more than 1,000 free V-bucks if you can climb all the way to tier 100. That means you’ll have some money left over for the following season, and you might have some now anyway.

    As for theme, it’s possible that Epic may follow up their Marvel season with a similarly large DC tie-in. They’ve already established strong connections with DC through their Batman, Aquaman, and upcoming Joker tie-in skins. That said, that’s just the hot rumor at the moment, and Epic has shot down plenty of past rumors in the past, so don’t get your hopes up for a Gotham or Metropolis takeover. The only semi-legitimate evidence for that popular theory is the upcoming Last Laugh Bundle, which includes a Joker skin, a Poison Ivy skin, and a new Midas skin.

    That last one actually is a pretty interesting thing to me, as it implies that Midas’ story will continue beyond the Fortnitemares event, where he’s now some sort of ghost. Time will tell if we’ll actually see some sort of recurring cast of characters.


    Fortnite on PC has shrunk considerably, down from over 90GB to just under 30GB

    October 23, 2020

    Fortnite on PC has shrunk considerably, down from over 90GB to just under 30GB, thanks to recent optimizations from developer Epic.

    The news, detailed yesterday in a Fortnite update note posted to the game’s service Twitter account, means the battle royale hit will now take up far less space on your computer’s drive. That gives you more room for other games — or some extra breathing room in the event you have the monstrous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone installed.

    As the update note stresses, PC players will have to download a larger-than-normal patch before the v buck generator overall file size reduction takes effect. But after that, the game should take up no more than a third of its prior size. The patch is also setting up the game for improved loading performance and smaller future patches down the line, speeding up the time it takes to update Fortnite and get back to playing.


    Apple stood up for its existing storefront rules and went one step further

    October 4, 2020

    Epic Games enabled a payment scheme where Fortnite players could buy V-Bucks directly from the developer, bypassing the normal mobile fees on iOS and Android. Both Apple and Google eventually kicked the game from their storefronts, but Epic seemed particularly peeved at Apple. Epic launched an in-game event and a high-quality parody ad alongside a lawsuit, encouraging fans to stand behind the battle cry of #FreeFortnite.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

    For its part, Apple stood up for  its existing storefront rules and went one step further, vowing to ban Epic and its development tools from Apple devices. This includes the widely-used Unreal Engine, so a mass ban would have far-reaching effects on the gaming industry in general and the ability to game from Apple computers in particular. Apple has also fought against Epic’s restraining order that would keep it from blocking the developer from its platform.

    RELATED: Apple Vs Epic Games: Everything You Need To Know

    As reported by CNBC, Apple revealed today that Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney was on the horn trying to get Fortnite the same sweetheart deal that Netflix, Amazon, and other big tech companies have with iOS. It’s believed that those with an arrangement with Apple can bypass the 30 percent cut of the fees paid through iOS transactions, which is the same fee that Epic was attempting to bypass with its new payment plan. Former Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller provided proof of several emails from Sweeney asking for a “side letter” from Apple that would enact such a deal.

    Apple says the emails show that Epic was also seeking to enable certain undisclosed features in its iOS apps that are now restricted, but there was specific talk of opening a competing fortnite v bucks generator app store to support direct payments between Epic and its customers. The emails were supposedly sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook as well as several other top executives at the company. These emails stand in contrast to Tim Sweeney’s online messaging surrounding the lawsuit, which paints Epic as benevolent toward the wider app and game development communities and fighting against the tyranny of the 30 percent fee. This is the same messaging Epic has applied to the opening of its storefront on PC, where it’s taking on Steam’s dominant position and high fees on its developers.

    Whichever side ends up on top in this legal battle, it’s more than the players of Fortnite who will suffer the consequences. As long as the battle continues, it seems that the Unreal Engine will no longer be a preferred option on Apple phones and computers, and hundreds of existing apps running with that engine will be faced with difficult choices regarding future updates. Not only that, but Apple’s slow emergence into the premium gaming market with Apple Arcade could further scare mobile developers away from the engine and reduce Epic’s foothold on the market. For now, many in the industry are waiting with bated breath to see which megacorporation will gain the advantage and potentially decide change the entire industry in the process.


    There’s pretty much a cake for every Named Location on the map

    September 27, 2020

    Fortnite’s third birthday, and the game has changed pretty drastically from its first birthday celebration. It’s more than a little wild to think it’s been around this long. And while it may have lost that new shine, it’s still incredibly popular.

    Unlike the past two years, this year’s birthday took place in September rather than July. That’s because July is actually the birthday of Fortnite: Save The World, whereas the far v buck generator more popular (and free-to-play) battle royale mode only launched in September of 2017, almost as an afterthought and certainly as a clever response to the popularity of PUBG at the time.

    In any case, as with the first two birthday celebrations, there’s a set of challenges and rewards for Birthday #3. These are mostly very easy—playing matches and outlasting opponents. The only interesting one is dancing in front of birthday cakes, which is basically a tradition at this point.Recommended For You

    See all the challenges and rewards right here.MORE FROM FORBES‘Fortnite’ Birthday Bash: Here Are All The Challenges And Free RewardsBy Erik Kain

    As with past years, the birthday cakes are massive and fairly easy to spot.But some of these are hiding behind walls or inside buildings. Look for the balloons, which you may spot first.

    There’s pretty much a cake for every Named Location on the map (I believe) but I’ve only included the ten you’ll need to complete this challenge. I’ll head out and track more down and update this post as I find them, and you can always let me know if you’ve spotted one not on this list. Just hit me up on Twitter or Facebook (and follow if you’d like!)

    Be sure to eat pieces of cake to gain health or shields since that’s another one of the Birthday Bash challenges. Gaining 50 of either will net you 80,000 XP—which is a ton for one simple challenge.

    In any case, here’s where to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes for Fortnite’s third birthday celebration:

    #1 — Holly Hedges

    Holly Hedges CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    There’s also a gnome trap here to disarm for the secret challenge.

    #2 — Weeping Woods

    Weeping Woods CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    While you’re here, you can investigate those mysterious claw marks for the Wolverine challenge.

    #3 — Slurpy Swamp

    Slurpy Swamp CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    #4 — Misty Meadows

    Credit: Erik Kain
    Misty Meadows CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    #5 — Lazy Lake


    #6 — Retail Row

    Retail Row CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    #7 — Dirty Docks

    Dirty Docks CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    There’s also a gnome trap here to disarm for the secret challenge.

    #8 — Doom’s Domain

    Doom’s Domain CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    #9 — Sweaty Sands

    Sweaty Sands CREDIT: ERIK KAI

    The original model for the App Store was to profit off of paid apps

    August 17, 2020

    The App Store may have started out small, but today, it makes Apple a staggering amount of money. In 2019 alone, Apple’s percentage taken on digital content sold through the App Store accounted for an estimated $18.3 billion, or nearly 40 percent of Apple’s total service revenue. (To reach that number, Apple says that $61 billion of digital content was sold through the App Store in 2019, of which it took an estimated $18.3 billion cut, compared to the $46.3 billion Apple reported in services revenue on its collected 2019 quarterly earnings.)

    An overwhelming amount of that $18.3 billion comes from in-app purchases in free-to-play games like Fortnite v bucks generatorCandy Crush, and Pokémon Go alongwith subscription apps like Tinder, Disney Plus, Twitch, and YouTube. As of today, SensorTower notes that of the 200 top-grossing iPhone apps, only one (Minecraft) costs money upfront. And Apple needs those payments to flow through the App Store specifically so it can collect on those purchases and subscriptions.

    That might seem like a strange business for a company that built its name on making hardware customers pay for quality, but Apple wasn’t always this reliant on App Store revenue. Back when Apple first announced the App Store in 2008, it announced that developers get 70 percent of whatever they sell, and Apple gets to keep 30 percent for “upkeep,” as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs referred to it onstage. Jobs would go on to claim at the time that “we don’t expect this to be a big profit generator.”

    The original model for the App Store was to profit off of paid apps, while free apps would serve as the gateway point to drive customers toward spending more money. The best example of this plan came when Apple first added support for in-app purchases in June 2009. At the time, it was only limited to paid apps looking to add additional content, and with limits on subscription models. “Free apps remain free,” boasted Apple’s then-mobile software head Scott Forstall at the announcement.APPLE WASN’T ALWAYS THIS RELIANT ON APP STORE REVENUE


    The water levels from the Season 2 flood fell once again

    August 2, 2020

    The water levels from the Season 2 flood fell once again, revealing not only the new Coral Castle (Atlantis) Named Location, but a mysterious ancient spaceship on a small patch of sand north of Craggy Cliffs.

    The ship is referred to in-game as the Ancient Ship, and inside you’ll notice its alien passenger. It seems obvious that Fortnite is picking up the threads of an old storyline—one about Travelers and Rockets and Rifts, oh my.

    In any case, finding this spaceship will activate a new challenge with a number of steps that are all very easy to complete. Here are the steps:

    • Find Ancient Ship (1)
    • Collect Missing Parts (3)
    • Install Missing Parts (3)
    • Start Launch Sequence (1)
    • Launch the Ship (1)
    • Launch Successful (1)

    Finding the ancient ship kicks off the rest of these challenges. Then you’ll need to find the three missing parts—a Heat Shield, Thruster and Battery Pack—install them on the broken-down ship and set its launch sequence.Recommended For You

    Once you do, the ship will rise into the air and a timer will appear above it like so:

    Fortnite Ancient Ship challenge event
    The ship begins its launch sequence. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

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    Once that timer goes all the way vbucks generator down the ship launches, though when I experienced this it didn’t so much launch as suddenly shoot me through a rift into the sky. The ship was simply gone. Rifts lined the little island around us, which you could jump through to propel yourself into the air.

    In any case, here are the locations of the three missing parts:

    Ancient Ship Missing Parts Fortnite
    The Ancient Ship’s missing parts. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    The ship itself is on the island where the little white marker is. The three missing parts are spread out in close proximity.

    The Battery Pack is just east of the ship in the water by some rocks which I broke but I’m not sure you have to break:

    Battery Pack Fortnite
    Battery Pack location CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    The Battery Pack is installed on the right/top-side of the ship.

    The Thruster is across the bay on the side of a cliff:

    Thruster Fortnite
    Episode Choose Your Story Hack

    This is the hardest to reach missing part but the easiest to spot, as it’s seen glowing from a distance. Just build up to it to retrieve the part and then head back to the Ancient Ship to install it in one of the ship’s wings.

    The Heat Shield can be found in the sandy peninsula at the end of the cliffs where you found the Thruster. It’s also by/beneath some rocks which I broke. Like the Battery Pack you’ll likely hear this part humming before you spot it.

    Heat Shield Fortnite
    Heat Shield location CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

    You’ll install this bad boy right next to where you installed the Battery Pack. Once you’re done with all three you’ll be prompted to launch the ship. Do so and the whole challenge event will begin and once that’s all over and done with you get 25,000XP and a sense of accomplishment.

    Two important notes on this challenge: First and foremost, you can complete it in the Battle Lab, making it way easier than if you had to contend with enemy players, though I’m not sure how hot this area will be given that this is a secret challenge.

    Second, I was surprised to learn that this challenge is completed as a team. So you and your squad can quickly grab up and install these parts without each of you having to find each one. This makes it even quicker and easier.

    And that’s that, folks. Here’s a video of my son and I completing the challenge within Battle Lab. I think I picked the perfect skin for the occasion.